Web3 Through The Looking Glass: Tally Ho’s Read-Only Mode

TL;DR: Tally Ho’s read-only feature lets you securely see into web3 with any wallet. No recovery phrase required. 📕👓

We’re always working on new functionality to make Tally Ho the most user-friendly Web3 wallet on the market. That’s why we created read-only mode, a feature that lets you view the assets in any existing wallet, simply by entering an Ethereum address, ENS name, or UNS name.

When you add a read-only wallet to your Tally Ho interface, you won’t be required to input the wallet’s 12-24 word recovery phrase. So while you’ll be able to see the wallet’s contents, you won’t be able to make any changes to it or withdraw any assets.

Why Read-Only Mode?

Read-only mode is like web3 window shopping. Not only can you keep track of what’s going on in your own wallet(s), you can (safely) peek into others as well. Try connecting to vitalik.eth.

What You Can Do With Read-Only Mode:

  • You can see the total balance of a wallet’s assets in one place, without the need to import recovery phrases or connect a hardware wallet.
  • You can view all of a wallet’s transactions. This way, you can keep track of your holdings and activities across multiple wallets, or allow trusted parties to monitor wallet activity while keeping points of entry as minimal as possible.
  • Read-only also allows you to see a wallet’s NFTs and on-chain achievement tokens (OATs) on all our supported networks.

What You Can’t Do With Read-Only Mode:

Tally Ho’s read-only mode is exactly what it sounds like. You can look, but you can’t swap, send, or sign any transactions.

Added Value: Building a Stronger Decentralized Wallet

Aside from the fun of “Web3 window shopping,” read-only mode offers two main benefits for Tally Ho users: testing and security. You can try out features, connect to dApps, and check security measures before importing your recovery phrase or connecting your hardware wallet. If you’re new to Tally Ho, this is the best way to get started.

Read-only mode also makes it easier for user support teams to resolve issues. By importing addresses in read-only mode, they can see problems through a user’s eyes without having direct access to assets.

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