A Ledger Integration You Can Love

🎉 We’re excited to announce that you can now use your Ledger with Tally Ho!

🎉 We’re excited to announce that you can now use your Ledger with Tally Ho!

This is an important step in Tally Ho’s journey toward becoming your go-to wallet for DeFi and web3. Chrome and Brave support is live now, with Firefox soon to follow. You can try it now in the Tally Ho Community Edition.

Here’s a quick look at connecting your Ledger:

It's highly recommended that you keep the majority of funds on your Ledger (or other hardware wallet), instead of your browser (also referred to as your 'hot') wallet. But until now, getting your Ledger to reliably communicate with your browser wallet has been almost impossible. That's why we made creating an excellent, reliable Ledger integration one of our top priorities. And it's why we’ve been heads-down on this integration since late last year.

The early results are encouraging! Tally Ho’s Ledger integration is performing better than any wallet integration we’ve tested. It’s smooth, intuitive, and it works.

Here’s what it's like using Uniswap:

What’s under the hood?

One reason Tally Ho’s integration works so well is that it uses WebUSB to talk to your Ledger. MetaMask and other wallets have experienced well-documented connectivity issues due to their reliance on WebHID. WebUSB doesn’t currently work on Firefox, which means our team still has more work to do, and Firefox users will need to wait a little longer. But we think it’s worth the extra work to give you genuinely good performance.

On top of this, Tally Ho's developers and designers have put in extra hours to build UX that smoothly handles edge cases and lets you know when you need to make an adjustment (e.g. your Ledger gets disconnected, blind signing isn’t enabled, or you’re not in the Ethereum app). With other wallets, these errors are opaque, and this can be a headache.

Join the pack

Tally Ho was created in the belief that the DeFi community deserves a wallet that acts in their best interests. It’s 100% user owned and operated, and designed to reward active participants in the Tally Ho ecosystem.

And development is moving quickly! Check out these other updates from earlier this month:

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Introducing Tally Ho Swaps!
Tally Ho Swaps work just like MetaMask Swaps—except they’re almost half the cost and all fees go straight to the community.

You can try the new Ledger Integration today in the Tally Ho Community Edition.

And if you’d like to get involved, check out our Discord community. If you’re a developer who’s interested in working on Tally, or a leader who’s interested in developing a governance proposal for Tally’s future, we’d love to have you on board!

Learn more about Tally here.