The Next Evolution of the Taho Community

The Taho community is expanding into the t* community, a larger Bitcoin focused ecosystem with new growth benefits. The Taho wallet will not change and Subscape will relaunch as part of a massive BTC initiative happening later this year, along with a [redacted] that we’re excited to share soon.

⚠️ NOTE - The issue claiming Subscape $XP was isolated to testnet. We have recorded the $XP earned by each wallet, so there is no need to claim your remaining $XP. And now on to the big news...


The Taho community is expanding into the t* community, a larger Bitcoin focused ecosystem with new growth benefits. The Taho wallet will not change and Subscape will relaunch as part of a massive BTC initiative happening later this year, along with a [redacted] that we’re excited to share soon. Both will play a critical role in the t* community.

Read on to learn how you can be part of the movement👇

The Dawn Of A New Era

taho -> t*

Today we're thrilled to announce the expansion of the Taho community into the
t* community. It’s time to put on our people-pants doggos, as the convergence of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos, and Solana is upon us. This expansion opens doors for the Taho community to reap benefits from a range of ecosystem projects, and honors our ethos to create a cozy, explorative space in web3, extending beyond our current community boundaries. Membership and participation will grant exclusive access to groundbreaking developments in the rapidly expanding Bitcoin ecosystem. This expansion will include our community leveling system and the introduction of fractional treasury ownership. For those who have grown attached to Taho wallet, rest assured it is not changing nor going away. In fact, the Taho wallet and it's brand remain an integral part of our ecosystem. The security and maintenance of your Taho wallet are among our top priorities.

Wait, Did You Just Say Bitcoin?

Yes, Bitcoin. In a world overwhelmed by relentless intrusion, we've all yearned for a touch of realness—for projects that enhance our lives without compromising our privacy and security. Remember the days when web3 was a promised land of freedom, not a chain of endless distractions? This collective nostalgia and wariness of the current landscape is fueling our mission.

Through the promise of Bitcoin, we’re crafting an ecosystem of empowerment. Following the Taho community's original commitment to creating a cozy space that is owned by the community, we are building projects that respect your boundaries and give you ownership. Because in our hearts, we believe in the power of autonomy and in a future where the convergence of Bitcoin and Ethereum serves us, not the other way around.

The Birth of t*

t*ry. t*alk. t*ogether.

A community for all things Thesis; especially its doggos

February 13th, marks the Taho discord server transition into a hub community for the Thesis* ecosystem and projects. A home for everything Thesis*; you’ll find Taho, Subscape, Threshold, Fold, Etcher, Embody, Acre, and a little something [redacted], all driving to achieve the vision of Bitcoin. Each week, we’ll welcome one of our ecosystem projects into our community with us, along with familiar roles, channels, and frens… Beginning in the obvious place.

We're expanding Taho t*ogether.

During every introduction call, you’ll find a clue to a mysterious grand finale that awaits you. A brand new stomping ground for t*, the ‘scape, the rest of our new frens, and a bonus opportunity for curious minds. Keep your ears open on each call for the secret commands. HODL your alpha carefully if you find it, there will be a web of hidden channels to decipher if you want to catch an OG role in the [redacted] server.

So, What Can I Expect?

With this, you might be wondering what to expect. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the details below:

Unchanged Taho Wallet - The wallet and brand you love will not go away, remaining fully functional. It will play a big role in the t* community.

Security & Excellence - The security and maintenance of your Taho wallet is a top priority for us.

Embracing Bitcoin - We're deepening our commitment to freedom tech by embracing Bitcoin. We'll shift our focus to harness its power alongside Ethereum, amplifying our ecosystem's autonomy and ownership

Evolving Identity - We're transitioning from 'Taho*' to 't*', a name that reflects our expanded vision and dedication to the broader ecosystem. Moar BTC, moar HODL.

Discord Makeover - It’s remodeling time for the Discord server, aiming to offer a more engaging and educational space, and support multiple growing ecosystem projects, all while bringing Bitcoin to the center stage.

Community Involvement - We're expanding roles and responsibilities, and empowering members to take a more active part in shaping our ecosystem. Your existing roles will remain the same.  

Early Access -  You'll gain exposure to a diverse range of projects, with new opportunities for our members to delve into. We’ll kick off the alpha by introducing different ecosystem projects each week.

DAO Ownership - At launch, we’re giving our top community members greater control and a stronger voice in the treasury’s decision-making processes.

If You're DAOn With It

We’re introducing the t* Moloch DAO to represent ownership for our most dedicated members. This is where the magic happens, where your dedication grants you, and your wallet, a front-row seat to the groundbreaking innovations that the future of Thesis HODLs. Fractionalized treasury ownership? A familiar leveling system? Yes and yes. Your loyalty, and your commitment to the history of Taho, will be celebrated and immortalized in our history. And this fractionalized ownership will be represented through NFTs.

We hope you're ready to get back to your roots; this is the season of BTC.

One NFt*, one vote.

If you've been there for Taho, you’ve earned your place in t*.

Welcome home frens; it's like you never left.

Further Opportunities for the Community

If you’re new to the community or did not receive an NFt*, there are still ample opportunities to benefit from being a part of t*. The goal of these changes is to enrich our community, offering more opportunities for involvement, recognition, and growth.

Responsibility - The introduction of the t* community positions our core members to wield more influence, serving as ambassadors to the broader ecosystem. This enhanced authority ensures that their insights are integral in shaping the future of Bitcoin.

Expansion and Discovery - Our pivot opens the door to exploring new ecosystems, some of which will feel very familiar, and others, brand new.

Community Growth - Engagement with our projects and token ownership allows members to directly benefit from the overall performance and expansion of our ecosystem.

Future NFt* Mints - After the initial distribution, we will open eligibility for new members to mint their own NFt*.

Questions & Feedback

Join us in Discord for our weekly Q&A sessions with project leaders to ask questions and share your thoughts. Stay tuned for regular updates as we navigate this exciting new journey t*ogether.

📅 Mark your calendars 📅
The t* DAO will be launching in March, just prior to the Halvening. Pop on your Bitcoin trousers and join us in our Discord tomorrow at 12pm EST to discuss the expansion of the community and how you can get involved.

Thursday, February 15th at 2pm EST we will celebrate with our first community call as t*.