Community Update #18

Welcome to your weekly Tally Ho community update.

Last Friday's community call focused on announcing new collaborations, discussing the geopolitics of RPC nodes that use POKT, and providing further product updates as the DAO and token's release approaches.

We had a huge turnout for this one, with 635 attendees. 🏆

Product Update

As of today, we're having some issues with the Chrome extension store link on the site. Stand by for dev build installation instructions and a shiny new Firefox release while we sort this out! In the meantime, you can download the current Firefox extension here.

The DAO smart contracts audits are almost complete and will be disclosed soon. Unfortunately, Multinetwork will not be launched before the DAO, but will most likely be released alongside the DAO. If you wish to have an impact on Tally Ho's governance when the DAO debuts, reach out in the Discord or to Kris directly.


In light of last week's news, when an Infura error "mistakenly" geo-blocked Metamask users in Venezuela, we decided to expedite our integration with POKT and got them on as a last-minute addition to our community call.

Permissionless Web3 Infrastructure
We’re excited to announce our expedited integration with Pocket Network.

POKT Network is a network that provides decentralized RPC nodes. These nodes bridge RPC individual nodes and applications, so one doesn't have to rely on a centralized service, like AWS for example. Centralized services have to abide by the laws of their residing physical country, therefore explaining the Infura outage. As POKT provides decentralized nodes for information, it gives a fair opportunity to all individuals around the world.

No solution is 100% perfect, but we think integrating POKT is a step in the right direction.

As of November 2021, Tally Ho utilizes Alchemy which is also a US-based centralized service.

However, Tally Ho will be transitioning to a combination of Alchemy and POKT networks while continuously ramping up POKT’s integration to become more and more decentralized. We also hope to help POKT grow and eventually reach the level of nodes that Infura hits. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship.


EPNS enables communication on Ethereum and other chains.  You can use it to send notifications to a wallet for a variety of purposes. For example, if a wallet is about to be liquidated on a position, you may utilize EPNS to give the user a push notification. The user can also utilize the notification to navigate to the website and perform other tasks. There will be more than just text notifications.

They are also working on wallet-to-wallet connectivity. They offer apps for iOS and Android, as well as browser extensions and a dApp. They're aiming to emphasize the importance of notifications and want to integrate with Tally Ho as soon as possible because it can dramatically improve a user's web3 experience.