The Web3 Challenger Stack

Tally Ho is proud to be partnering with Alchemy, one of the best infrastructure providers in web3.

How can we make the best possible Web3 wallet?

That’s the question we ask ourselves every day at Tally Ho.

The first step is improving every 👏 single 👏 facet 👏 of the Web3 wallet experience—starting with reliability. When you send a transaction, it should stick. When you get a gas estimate, it should be accurate.

That’s why Tally Ho is proud to be partnering with Alchemy, hands-down the best infrastructure provider in Web3.

The Best Possible Web3 Wallet

Partnering with Alchemy as our node provider will give Tally Ho users the smoothest, fastest, most reliable connection to Ethereum.

Over the past year, we’ve consulted with hundreds of dApp developers, degens, and DAOists to learn about their headaches and heartaches with other web3 wallets 🦊👀.

We’re happy to say that partnering with Alchemy helps solve many of these issues.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from Tally Ho:

1. Fewer dropped transactions

I suspect many of you know the irritation when you prepare to ape in, decide to bite the bullet on gas fees, click “Confirm,” and then … nothing?! Your transaction didn’t send. You muster up the courage a second time, hit send, and … nothing.

The issue here wasn’t your wallet. It’s the node infrastructure your wallet’s connected to. If that infrastructure is experiencing an outage, technical hiccup, or just isn’t optimized, your transactions are going to have trouble propagating.

We see tweets like this every day:

By default, MetaMask connects to Ethereum through Infura, another ConsenSys portfolio company.

Alchemy’s superconnected Ethereum infrastructure means noticeably better success rates for sending transactions. Want proof? You can switch MetaMask’s provider from Infura to Alchemy to get a sneak peak at what it’ll be like sending transactions with Tally Ho.

2. Less ETH lost on crazy fee estimates

This is part and part and parcel of the bullet point above, but it’s enough of an annoyance that it deserves to be called out separately. One of the biggest pain points we hear about on Discord is how flaky and unreliable fee estimates are with existing Web3 wallets.

If your wallet is using out-of-date info from its node provider to estimate gas fees, you can end up sacrificing precious ETH for no good reason. Once again: Alchemy’s infrastructure has your back.

3. Hands-down the most reliable connection to Ethereum

🚨 FUD alert: node operators can go down. Sometimes for seconds, sometimes for weeks. Last year, a major infrastructure provider went offline for the better part of a day because it didn’t update its eth nodes. As a result, the bulk of the DeFi ecosystem went dark, including MetaMask, Maker, Uniswap, Compound, and MyCrypto. If you needed to post collateral to avoid liquidation during this timeor even if you wanted to send ETH to a friendyou were out of luck.

For full background on last November’s chain split, check out these post-mortems from EF, Infura, and Péter Szilágyi.

No provider can guarantee 100% uptime (the best you can reasonably shoot for is “five nines” or 99.999% uptime). But Alchemy gets us closer than anyone in space. They also stayed online during last year’s disruption while the other major providers went dark. That means that realistically you will never experience an outage and, if you do, it will be brief.

4. Coming Soon: The best wallet notifications you’ve ever used 🔮

Part of our vision for making Tally Ho your favorite Web3 wallet is providing robust notifications—for address updates, dropped transactions, tasty dips in gas price, etc. We just haven’t seen this with any other wallet extension.

Alchemy’s Notify toolkit will help make this possible when we enable notifications shortly after launch ...

The Web3 Challenger Stack

We’ve started to think of Tally Ho + Alchemy as the Web3 Challenger Stack.’

Just like Tally Ho, Alchemy is focused on actually listening to the community and providing real solutions.

They have a transparent public roadmap, an active developer community on Discord, and every week they’re making good on user requests. They also share our vision of extending value and agency to the most active part of any network: you.

But a challenger to what?

Both MetaMask and Infura were founded in 2016 and—even to this day—most dApps rely on the built-in Infura provider from MetaMask to connect to Ethereum. The Infura + MetaMask combo is a great example of vertical integration and savvy strategy by ConsenSys.

But it’s 2021, and this solution is beginning to show its age.

The MetaMask + Infura incumbency has been going strong for half a decade now, almost as long as Ethereum has been in existence. It’s high time they got some friendly competition.

May the best wallet win.

A community-owned alternative

In addition to being the world's best Web3 wallet, TallyHo is also a community. And it's open to everyone.

Whether you're a designer, dApp developer, DeFi user, NFT addict, or learning about Web3 for the first time ... you can help us create an internet that's owned by users, not bankers.

Join us on Discord and let's build it together.