Tally Ho Tackles ETHDenver

We’re proud to be the headline sponsors of BUIDLWeek and a Cypher Sponsor of the Main Event.

What's Tally Ho?

👉 Tally Ho is the first Web3 wallet that's owned by its users. It's 100% open source and designed so all profits flow directly to the community.

We asked ourselves, "why not build on MetaMask?"  

In August 2020, MetaMask abandoned free and open-source software shortly before raising $65 million from JP Morgan and others. Web3 deserves a wallet with Web3 values. That’s why we’re building Tally Ho. (Take a deeper look at how Tally Ho and MetaMask stack up here.)

Today, our developers and our community members are working relentlessly to finish fine-tuning the code as we prepare for the DAO launch. We’re also rapidly expanding our community (currently at 10,000 Discord members), hosting weekly community calls (averaging 400-600 attendees!), and laying the foundation for our DAO launch.

Here’s a quick recap of the Tally Ho timeline:

Who are we sniffing out at ETHDenver?

The Tally Ho hounds are stoked to play with everyone and anyone at the ETHDenver dog park. We’re especially keen on exchanging bones with:

  • Developers - Both seasoned dApp teams and developers new to Web3. We're interested to chat with anyone who wants to add Tally Ho support to their dApp and join us in reimagining the Web3 wallet from the ground up.
  • New FOSS projects we can support! - We recently became the very first sponsor of the ethers.js library and are always on the lookout for new projects to support.
  • The thousands of our Discord doggos - Who will also be together on the IRL hunting grounds in Denver.
  • Designers, artists, users, and dreamers - Anyone who can help us reimagine what public goods wallet can be.

How we’re supporting ETHDenver

We’re proud to be the headline sponsors of BUIDLWeek and a Cypher Sponsor of the Main Event.

Although this is Tally Ho’s first ETHDenver, many of our team has been to the main event and participated in BUIDLWeek in years past. ETHDenver is a starting point for many in their Ethereum journey and is also an ecosystem reunion where remote teams come together on-site and explore what we can build when we come together.

Here’s where you can find us:

  • BUIDLWeek Panels - As the headline sponsor for BUIDLWeek, we're partnering with ETHDenver to host some awesome panels + firesides with some of the biggest names in Web3 (plus Happy Hours after!)

Feb 12 (5-5:40PM)

How to Model Risk for Cross-Chain Bridges (+ Refreshments)

with Omer Goldberg of Chaos Labs

Feb 12 (5:40-6:00PM)

Building a Trustless Cross-Chain Bridge (+ Refreshments)

with Beau Shinkle of Threshold

Feb 13 (2:10PM-2:40PM)

Puppy Bowl Pregame: Open Bar + Snacks

Feb 14 (5-5:30PM)

We ❤️ Public Goods

With Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin, hosted by Henry Boldizar of Tally Ho

Feb 14 (5:30-6PM)

Lonely Hearts Happy Hour

Feb 15 (5-5:30PM)

Threshold DAO: Lessons Learned From the Biggest-Ever On-Chain Merge

With MacLane Wilkison of NuCypher, Viktor Bunin of Coinbase, Doug von Kohorn, and Liz Shinn of KEEP Network, hosted by Laura Wallendal of Thesis.

Feb 15 (5:30-6PM)

Happy Hour: Open Bar + Snacks

Feb 16 (5-5:30PM)

The Year of the DAO

With Simona Pop of Gitcoin, Abbey Titcomb of Radicle, Auryn Macmillan of Gnosis, Jesse Grushack of fwb, Audius, & MetaCartel, hosted by Kris Jones of Tally Ho.

Feb 16 (5:30 - 6PM)

Happy Hour: Open Bar + Snacks

Feb 16 (6-9PM)

Host Party at Fire Bar

Feb 17 (4-4:30PM)

Fireside with Pussy Riot: A Better World

Hosted by Michael Haley of Thesis.

Feb 17 (4:30-5PM)

Fireside with Pplpleasr: The Future of NFTs

Hosted by Carolyn Reckhow of Thesis.

  • Puppies + Tarot - Come find us in the Zen Zone! We'll have IRL puppies as a fundraiser for Lifeline Puppy Rescue (Feb 18 & Feb 19, 12PM-4PM, sign up here). Or come get your fortune read by one of Brooklyn’s most renowned tarot readers.
  • Tally Ho Swag - Come by the Shill Zone to meet the hounds and stock up on some of the conference's best swag!
  • POAPs galore - A POAP for each of our happenings.
  • Talks and workshops - From some of our founding Tally Ho members, including Thesis Head of BD Carolyn Reckhow and Thesis CEO Matt Luongo.
  • Bounties - Last but certainly not least, there are many, many bounties to be claimed. Full details here.

Be on the lookout for these Tally Ho Hounds in Denver:

How to connect before ETHDenver

The best way to connect with the Tally Ho hounds is to join our Discord server, (#ETHDenver for on-the-ground updates from the main event).

If you’re a developer, head to the #shadowy-super-doggos channel. You can also check out our repo here, with some key first issue tags here.

Everyone can also get their hands on the Tally Ho Community Edition today! It's available on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox.

And remember: Applications for ETHDenver are still open! Make sure to register so you can join us IRL or virtually.