Web3 Needs You!—Tally Ho Call for Delegates

Starting today, we’re thrilled to announce that you can now apply to be a DAO delegate!

Starting today, we’re thrilled to announce that you can now apply to be a DAO delegate!

Two weeks after making Tally Ho open source, we’re calling everyone who believes in free software, open finance, and open culture to join us as delegates for the Tally Ho DAO.

Delegates will vote on DAO proposals and uphold our community’s values:

  1. Access over privilege
  2. Open source over restrictive licensing
  3. Community ownership over centralized profiteering

Project Update

Tally Ho is reimagining your portal to Web3 and the metaverse as a public good. So we’re building Web3 wallet software that is open source, accessible to everyone, and 100% community-owned.

Here’s a status update on our journey to community ownership:

  • ✅ Build a Web3 wallet
  • ✅ Open-source the wallet
  • ✅ Grow a robust, global community
  • 🕐 Hand governance to the community
  • 🕐 DAO launch
  • 🕐 You tell us 👐🌱

To hand governance to the community, we need to organize. We need leaders from inside and outside our growing community to step up and share, educate, and govern the Tally Ho ecosystem.

Starting today, anyone may nominate themselves as a Tally Ho delegate.

Why we’re calling for delegates

When the Tally Ho DAO launches, anyone will be able to self-delegate and vote on their own behalf. We’ll empower every community member who has the time and resources to engage in active governance to steer the Tally Ho DAO.

For those who want to stay involved but prefer not to vote on every proposal, they can delegate their votes to our community leaders (aka delegates).

Taking a page from two of our favorite projects—Gitcoin and ENS—we believe that delegation helps ensure that the will of community members are reflected by the DAO… even if we can’t all engage in Tally Ho governance on a day-by-day basis.

Everyone is invited

If you care about public goods, believe Web3 deserves a free and open source alternative to today’s wallet monopoly, and especially if you are a fan of dog memes… Web3 Wants You!

While there is no cutoff date for delegate applications, we encourage you to apply ASAP. The community will finalize the initial delegate list in January, and our moderators will be filtering applications as they come in.

👉 Follow this link and submit your application to be a delegate.

Whether you plan to apply as a delegate or just want to spread the word, we hope you’ll join us on this next chapter of our journey!

It’s time to reimagine the wallet as a public good.