Tally Ho Becomes First Sponsor of ethers

We’re proud to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to supporting free software.

Tally Ho is proud to become the first sponsor of the ethers library!

ethers represents the best of open-source software development in Web3 and we’re proud to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to supporting free software. We’re also thrilled to support its creator RicMoo, an early Gitcoin grant recipient and contributor to a slew of important early crypto projects.

🤔 So... what does ethers do?

ethers is a JavaScript library that makes it much easier for your favorite dApps (and dApp developers), to connect to Ethereum. The API abstracts away the complexity of interacting with an Ethereum node and provides a ton of utility functions that make life easier for your friendly neighborhood dApp developer. This means they can spend less time dealing with the nuances of Ethereum clients and more time focused on their dApps.

🧡 Why we love ethers

  • It’s compact—ethers is about 1/20 the size of other libraries—and performant
  • It’s easy for beginners to pick up and is exceptionally well-documented
  • It’s 100% open source under the MIT License

We especially like it because...

  • ENS names are first-class citizens - Nearly anywhere you’d use an Ethereum address, you can use an ENS name instead!
  • Key management is a separate concern - Other libraries assume the developer is running a local node that both holds private keys and connects to the Ethereum blockchain. ethers assumes the user’s wallet holds their keys, which is a better match for the way dApps are built today.

🧱 A building block for the community

Ethers is becoming the go-to library for many new projects. It’s a dependency for over 55,269 GitHub repos and is downloaded over 300,000 times a week on npm.

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite other teams to join us in becoming sponsors! While we are ethers’ first sponsor, we hope to be the only one for a short time.

👉 You can learn more about sponsorship here 🥳