Hello World. Meet Taho.

The fox hunt is over 🦊. Tally Ho is now Taho.

tal·ly·ho (/ˌtalēˈhō/)
a huntsman's cry to the hounds on sighting a fox.

ta·ho (/,tå’hō/)
the first community-owned web3 wallet.

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In 2021, Tally Ho came into the world on a fox hunt 🦊

We set our sights on educating the world about the dangers of centralized wallets. We began by calling out the industry’s biggest and best-funded wallet 🦊 for failing to live up to the values of Web3. And we even named ourselves “Tally Ho,” a playful nod to the fox hunters of yore.

Eighteen months later, the word is out. Web3 citizens see clearly that centralized projects—not just a certain wallet—have failed to protect their privacy, have put their assets at risk, and have even failed to make sure that everyone (regardless of nationality) has unbroken access to Ethereum. How do we know our message hit home? Because over 100,000 people have tried our community-powered alternative. Almost 300,000 have signed our pledge to #DefendWeb3. And funds continue to rush from CeFi to DeFi.

Suffice to say, the fox hunt is over.

Now, it’s time for our mission to grow.

We’ll continue to build the world’s first and only community-owned wallet. And we’ll continue to cry foul when the rights of our community are threatened.

Yet, as we move into our next phase of decentralization, you can expect us to do even more: like expanding the industry’s definition for what a Web3 wallet is, and rewriting the rules for what a wallet can and should do to keep its owners safe.

Over the past year and a half, our community has been cooking up mind-blowing ideas for how we can ensure that everyone has fair, equal, and community-controlled access to web3, and we can’t wait to bring them into reality with you later this year.

Tally Ho is now Taho

Web3, meet Taho.

With our sights set on a bigger goal, it’s time to update our identity.

Our new name is shorter, more universal, and reflects the fact that instead of chasing the fox, we’re going to lead the pack.

Web3, meet Taho.

Our name is new, but our values are the same:

  • We believe in Web3 access for everyone, no matter where you live.
  • We believe in radical transparency. All of our code is open source… and will always be.
  • We believe in full community ownership.

These are and always will be your immutable rights as a citizen of Web3. Want to join us in defending them? Sign our pledge to #DefendWeb3 and join over 100,000 other like-minded (dare we say it?) 🐕 Tahomies in our Discord.

Once you sign the pledge, head over to GALXE to claim your "Meet Taho!" OAT.

We’ll see you there.