Community Update #3

It’s that time of the week again! We’re back with another update from the Tally Ho community 🙌.

It’s that time of the week again! We’re back with another update from the Tally Ho community 🙌.

We held our spookiest Community Call yet, complete with a witchy, Halloween-themed doggo POAP for everyone who attended on October 29. The holiday-inspired design was contributed by Drip 2 Hard, which earned them the 👑 OG  role on our Discord (in case you’re wondering how to become an OG).

Meme created and provided by Askar

On this call, we broke over 400 simultaneous attendees using a custom permissioned voice channel configured by Εastbαn, which helped reduce the number of people the mods had to mute. We don't like having to muzzle folks being disruptive to the calls, so this was a great improvement to the community call - thanks Εastbαn! Another big thank you to Chandru for taking notes during the call this week, which are pinned in the Q&A channel in our Discord server!

mStable & Tally Ho

The community was treated to a presentation from Théo Clochard of mStable Protocol on ways that their feeder pools and other earning tools could be integrated directly into the Tally Ho wallet. mStable provides yield through the creation of meta-assets, which allow users to earn an income by depositing into a basket of tokenized based assets. The major pitch for integrating mStable is an auto-earn function for assets held in the wallet, which users can opt into. Note: this integration is for a future release - it would not land in the launch release but in a later wallet update. Thanks so much to Théo and the mStable team for sharing their integration ideas with us!

Product Update: Account Switchers, Auto Farming, Speedy Loads & Open Sourcing

Thought the team was going to ghost the community in Halloween fashion? 👻👻👻
Think again! Matt and Henry were on-hand to provide a live demo of the newest functions. Some of you may even have access to an updated version of the app through the chrome store. If you know where to sniff out the link or already have the extension installed! Features demoed on the call included account switching and design layout. The team has been working on speeding up the load times on the account activities page. There were also updates shared on smart contract connections, auto-farming in the wallet, and some details on contract repositories that have already been open-sourced with more to follow.

Check out this GIF to see some of the functionality that was shown on the call:

On The Ground: ETHPortland

Carolyn was also at ETHPortland to share Tally Ho with the community in attendance there. We saw an influx of new members into the Discord following her presentation, with many compliments on her presentation and the wallet approach generally. Here's a sneak peek at some of the slides that Carolyn presented:

The First Hunt: Wrap-up and Winners

This week’s call also wrapped up the very first dog pack Hunt! There were no tricks involved in the Hunts, only treats that were brought in from the #OpenSourceSniff. Well over 60 projects were sniffed out across the packs, and there was significant information coordination led by multiple community members. While information on many of the projects sniffed out are included in the community compiled notion here, the projects nominated by each dog pack for consideration by the community were:

The votes were taken live during the call, and there was a tie for first between tBTC and Aleo, with StarkWare and Mina tying for the runner-up position. The team also announced that the individuals that submitted the projects that were chosen by their pack and ultimately voted as top by the community would receive an ETH prize and that the dog packs that emerged victorious from the Hunt would also receive an ETH transfer to kickstart their dog pack treasury! Each treasury will be secured by a multisig wallet and funds are intended to be used in any way the pack would like. We hope this will inspire the community to think about the most effective ways to allocate pooled funding to achieve goals. We are excited to launch more Hunts and award more prizes to community members and dog pack treasuries, so make sure you stay involved and be among the first to hear the next Hunt!

Our community calls take place every Friday at 2 PM EST directly on our Discord server.

Is there something you saw in the Tally Ho community that you think we should highlight? Want to get involved with the creation of the community blog posts? Have you got a bone to pick about something we wrote? Drop into Tally Ho Discord and let us know!