Community Update #2

We’re back with another update on what the Tally Ho pack has been up to this week—it’s been a busy one!

We’re back with another update on what the Tally Ho pack has been up to this week—it’s been a busy one!

We held our 9th community call on October 22 on Discord, and once again we had record-setting attendance! Over 600 unique sets of paws joined us last week! If you want to continue to help us stress test Discord’s voice chats, join us this Friday, October 29, but don’t forget to mute or the mods will bite!

Starkware + Tally Ho

Guthl from Starkware joined the call to chat about three potential integrations that would strengthen the Tally Ho wallet:

1. Key recovery - Tally Ho could implement StarkWare’s social recovery, set a wallet on L1 without needing to deploy, and - if it is a smart contract wallet - offer cheap recovery on L1.
2. DeFi - By implementing StarkWare integration, Tally Ho could provide quick and easy entries and exits for Liquidity Providers on L2’s. This would also allow users to accumulate deposits on L2 and then execute on L1.
3. Fiat on-ramping - Implementation should allow users to deposit small amounts of money without large fees.

StarkWare brought a lot to chew on in their presentation and the community was excited and had great questions. You can find all the details from the call in the community call notes prepared by Askar, pinned in our Q&A channel, and the presentation itself was posted in the Starkware channel. Both are worth digging into!

Product Update: Dapp Connections

Matt, Henry, and Antonio were all on hand to provide a product update. Tally Ho is now unblocked by Chrome, so OG’s should expect another update to the read-only version of the wallet soon. Dapp connections and transaction details are now the top priority for the team. Significant transaction detail is now provided in the activity feature without having to go to Etherscan. There is also an option to view contracts deployed by users. Keeper DAO is also already working on an implementation of limit trades in the wallet, which will distribute any fees to the Tally Ho DAO. If you want a teaser, drop into the Discord server and sniff it out!

On The Hunt

This week we also introduced the very first dog pack Hunt! The first Hunt is focused on sniffing out high-quality Open Source projects, with the community deciding the top picks during the next community call. As is tradition with Tally Ho, the results are in the hands of the community—dog packs determining their own fates. Each pack brings whatever they’ve tracked to the next community call, and the winning pack will be decided in a live vote. The full details of the Hunt are on our Discord Announcements channel if you want to get involved! What does the winner get? Join our call this week to find out...

If for some reason you still haven’t taken the dog pack quiz, joined your pack, and started helping with the first hunt... what are you waiting for? There's still time to make a contribution before the next call, and it’s never too late to find your furry fam! Take the dog quiz here:

ETH Lisbon Update

Several members of the Tally Ho team were in Lisbon over the past week, talking about Tally Ho and on the lookout for community members on the ground from LisCon to ETHLisbon and NEARCON. You may have seen us out and about with our new robot dog Alpha, and giving out the POAPs which were beautifully designed by community members MrsNuBooty and 8ouncy. If we missed you in Lisbon, we hope to see more of our community at both ETHPortland and NFT.NY!

Is there something you saw in the Tally Ho community that you think we should highlight? Want to get involved with the creation of the community blog posts? Have you got a bone to pick about something we wrote? Drop into and let us know!