Community Update #1

The community blog is the first bark in what will surely become a resounding chorus of howls!

Tally Ho is the first community-owned wallet and as a community project, our amazing community of doggos needs to have a voice! The community blog is the first bark in what will surely become a resounding chorus of howls!

In this opening edition, we want to highlight a couple initiatives currently underway, our potential integration partners and how to become one, exciting product updates, and how you can get involved!

First off, our community is largely centered on Discord - join us at if you haven’t already. Every Friday at 2PM EST we host a community call in our server— we just held the 8th call on October 15th! The calls continue to grow in size, with over 400 unique attendees in the last one. Each week we feature a project that is interested in a Tally Ho integration, demo product updates, and set aside some time to chat with team members in a Q&A to round off the time. In short, we try to make sure the calls are engaging with new value every time - it’s worth it to show up and hang out! Most of us don’t bite.

The most recent integration guests were KeeperDAO, FlashBots, and CowSwap. Each project presented interesting prospects for partnership and clear benefits offered to the community. If your project is interested in a possible integration with Tally Ho, or would like to present at a community call, just drop into our server and we can start up a channel specifically for discussion of your integration.
We also gave away a few more of the OG role in the discord server to some of our active members on the call. What does the role do? Well, the OGs get access to a secret channel where we share alpha releases for community feedback, along with various other treats.

Is the wallet on the Chrome store yet? Only the OGs know...

There is now a working “watch-only” version of Tally Ho wallet, and we are actively working to implement various feedback that we have already received from the community. Stay tuned for a link to the very first versions of the Tally Ho wallet alpha, and join the next community call to see the live demos from the team.

For those of you interested in sniffing out bugs, we now have an audit contest with Code423n4. Look through the contracts for Tally Ho Swaps, help us harden our code, and win prizes for doing it - the reward pool is $30k in ETH! Don’t wait too long though, the contest ends October 22, 2021 23:59 UTC. For more information, check out the Github repo.

Lastly, we also launched a new community initiative that we are building out for the community - dog packs! We released the dog pack quiz to our community to find out which of the four packs they belong with - Border Collies, Corgis, German Shepherds, or Shibas. Each dog pack has their own community channel in the Discord server, and will have to get to know each other and work together to complete some of our upcoming activities.

Want to get sorted? Take the quiz.

Which dog pack did you get sorted into? Answer our Twitter poll:

As we expand on the functions of the dog packs, one of the first pack initiatives will be Hunts. We teased the idea of Hunts last week, and we’ll be sharing more detail on participation in this week’s community call. If you want to take part in the first Tally Ho Hunt and represent your pack well, drop in and join our Discord Community call on October 22nd at 2PM EST.

Is there something you saw in the Tally Ho community that you think we should highlight? Want to get involved with the creation of the community blog posts? Have you got a bone to pick about something we wrote? Drop into and let us know!