Community Update #11

We're back with your weekly community update.

Hey Tally Ho hounds, Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely holiday break, and welcome back to the swing of things!

After taking two weeks off for Christmas and New Years, we had our first community call of 2022 last Friday, 1/7.


We kicked off the new year with Gelato as our first presenter. Hilmar from the Gelato team gave us a demo.

It's extremely time-consuming for developers to build and maintain the bots that are required to execute smart contracts. Gelato helps to expedite this process by helping developers outsource and automate their bot infrastructure operations. It's also used as a key piece of the Web3 stack to enable building server-less applications.

Developer teams regularly have to pay hefty prices in order to outsource these bot operations. Gelato provides a decentralized network of plug-and-play bots, saving time and money for developers.

Product Update

In the first product update of the new year, Matt and Henry demoed the latest added features, including improved ENS name support. We have a dedicated engineer working on hardware wallet support, and its progress is in full swing.

Support for Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon networks are expected to launch towards the end of Q1. Now is a great time for other chains to reach out if they'd like to get integrated– before it gets too crazy. Swaps are likely going to launch soon and before they launch, we need a multisig council. For anyone interested in getting involved, hop into the dedicated Discord channel, #community-multisig.

Bug Reporting

Michael Haley from the Tally Ho team presented the process for bug reporting. When you notice something isn't working properly while using the Community Edition, drop a detailed message in the #bug-reports channel on Discord. You should get a response in a few hours and the team will be prioritizing any critical bugs relating to the safety of funds.

When reporting a bug, write a detailed report that includes your operating system, browser & the version used. You should also include steps to replicate the issue, with screenshots.  

Note: please use #bug-reports only to report bugs and not for new feature requests. For new features use the #feature-requests channel.

Dog Pack Update

Kris announced the new dog pack hunt, which focuses on Tally Ho integrations with other protocols. Each dog pack will score points based on how many protocols they get to integrate with Tally Ho. Kris and the moderators have provided an excel sheet with protocols we're interested in, but pack members are also encouraged to seek out other protocols as well. There isn't a set date for the end of the hunt, as it will likely go on for a few weeks. Ideally, pack members should discuss integrations here.

Community Initiatives

The community is also coming up with additional initiatives, and we're eager to have more and more come in! Commstark gave some further insight into how non-technical community members can help Tally Ho move forward. See all of the ideas the community is coming up with here, and add yourself to the list to get involved.

Still need to join the pack on Discord? Join us at