Community Update #5

There is a lot of news to share from the Tally Ho community this week - we’re back and packing it all into a quick update to keep you in the loop.

There is a lot of news to share from the Tally Ho community this week - we’re back and packing it all into a quick update to keep you in the loop.

The Tally Ho community call on November 12 was the biggest call that we’ve hosted so far, with 634 unique attendees. In addition to the POAP badges for attendance, the moderation team also raffled 5 limited edition animated POAP using content from community member Naive. The winners were also granted the OG role. If you’re a regular on the calls, you know we like to drop treats! If that’s news to you, we’ll see you on our next call November 19 at 2PM EST.

Tally Ho Goes Open Source

We’ve just open-sourced the Tally Ho extension code repository on GitHub. Get your paws on the code and share it with your friends - this is your repository! If you spot a bug that you can fix, PR submissions are welcome. We would also love it if you marked your ownership of the code with a star on the repository. We all shine brighter working together!

Found Hounds

This week on Found Hounds featured Owocki from Gitcoin and Brantly from ENS. Matt led a discussion with them around public goods infrastructure, product-market fit, and responsibility tokens. The banter started heating up quickly, with Kevin giving some memorable quotes, such as “Your DAO is a slime mold.”We’ll be taking next week off from Found Hounds for Thanksgiving in the U.S, but stay tuned for some exciting De-Fi guests come December!

All Paws Community Call

DXdao was the integration partner that presented to the community this week. Sky, Keenan, Arhat, and jpkcambridge were all on hand to talk about what was happening with DXdao. Their DAO uses holographic consensus and on-chain governance, and they shared their development progress toward governance 2.0.

The team was also able to chat about their recently deployed swaps project Swapr - one of the first Decentralized Exchanges to be deployed on Arbitrum. The DXdao team is interested in adding swaps functionality through Swapr to the Tally Ho wallet. We are excited to be exploring the world of DAO collaboration and hope to have DXdao talk this week brought up some great ideas for ways to collaborate and integrate with the community!

Product Update

This week there were multiple demos done by several members of the team - it was really all paws on deck for this call! ENS support with profile pictures attached, as well as multiple wallet support was shown by Henry. The swaps page is coming together nicely and was shown by Rachel. There was also a short demo from Greg showing onboard.js and web3 react support.

Some other exciting news was also dropped in the call - the extension repository would be open-sourced in the upcoming week, which was published this Wednesday.

A New Hunt
During this week’s community call, we gave the details of the second dog pack hunt - The Dopest DAO Dog Dive. If the name didn’t give it away, we are on the hunt for the best-governed DAOs around. What does “best governed” really mean? As long as you make a case for it, it can mean a lot of things! Some examples of reasons to submit a DAO for consideration:

  • Most effective
  • Most coordinated
  • Best tooling/stack
  • Uses a unique function/mechanism

In this hunt, each pack can bring forward up to 5 DAOs for consideration for voting in the community call. The top 3 as voted by the community will be declared winners. Of course, there will be prizing - tune into the calls to find out what that might be... 🐶

Want to Contribute?

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