Community Update #24

Your weekly update is here!

We're heads down on giving our community, and the world, the best fair launch possible.

Last week's community calls featured guests Harvest Finance & zkSync. We finally hit 1K attendees on a Friday community call!

Harvest Finance

Jstar presented Harvest Finance in Thursday's APAC community call. He's been with Harvest since their initial launch in 2020.  

Harvest is built on top of vaults, giving people the ability to deposit and earn on various assets through earn vaults. It's similar to Yearn, but the main difference lies in Harvest's variety of tile defaming opportunities, boasting a selection of over 100 options you can't find anywhere else. Harvest prides itself on being open to as many farmers as possible.

They have a unique token shill. Their FARM token is their native reward token. Holders can sell FARM on the open market, or deposit it into a profit-sharing pool. Harvest takes 30% of all the profit from selling FARM to buy FARM back from the market. Because they're constantly buying FARM, it benefits the TVL and incentivizes farm holders to stake in the pool. So essentially, FARM has a rising price floor due to these constant buybacks.

If Tally Ho were to integrate with Harvest, we could link some cool features with them in our earn section! The Harvest team plans to also join us for a Friday community call in mid-May.


zkSync is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Users on zkSync are able to batch transactions and then submit a proof and the information for the transaction data on L1, which helps save on costs. Like Tally Ho, they're also 100% open source!

zkSync features transfers, withdrawals, deposits, and atomic swaps. Their 2.0 testing is currently live now! Try it out here.

Product Update

Matt expressed that we’ve been 5% away from done for months. The dev team is currently trying to regroup, in order to get ready for the big v.1 launch. Their focus is on fixing bugs as opposed to new feature releases. Henry gave a live demo of the referral page! As seen on the referral page, the Delegates List UI is nearly finalized, and applications are closing down soon.

DAO/Governance Update

The official Governance & Delegates 101 post is now up on the forum! 🎉

Governance, Delegates & delegation 101
Introduction In this earlier post we proposed a Tally Ho DAO organizational structure that also describes the different types of proposals that will be put up for voting. In this follow up post we’ll be going into more details on how the on-chain Governance of the Tally Ho DAO is actually structured…

This forum is a walk-through of the DAO, governance, and voting roadmap. The post also explains the process for what happens after delegates are in place and the DAO is deployed. It also goes into details about the DAO Treasury, software license, The DAO's functional organization, pack budget requests, and operational plans.