Community Update #23

This week's community call featured a presentation from Stakewise and important updates on the DAO formation & information on our Governance Forum.

Happy Wednesday doggos! This week's community call featured a presentation from Stakewise and important updates on the DAO formation & information on our Governance Forum.

It was our largest Friday call yet!  👀


Jstar gave us a presentation on Stakewise. It is a liquid ETH2 staking protocol. TVL of the protocol is 80k ETH, 4k users, and $175M staked ETH liquidity.

Are you interested in staking but don't have 32ETH to spare? No problem! Instead of needing each staker to provide 32ETH upfront, Stakewise offers bundles that combine your ETH with others in order to create 32ETH.  There are leading node operators doing the hard work for handling the node so you don't have to.

How it works: You deposit ETH, and you get sETH2. You can use that to push into liquidity pools and other pretty liquid opportunities. They split the rewards into a separate token while gaining the yield you’re generating– as well as dual token method sETH2 and rETH2. They are semi-permissionless and decentralized. A DAO elected committee chooses protocols and operators.

They're planning on adding Tally Ho to their website very soon. Stakewise will also be able to integrate directly with Tally Ho, such that you can stake directly from the wallet, and receive the second token. Tally users will automatically accrue interest in the wallet. Learn more about Stakewise here.

Product Update

The dev team is grinding on the DAO launch. Several new things were also added to the UI, including...

  • The wallet will list what you’re interacting with besides addresses when you’re interacting with the contract.
  • There is a bug report page in the menu as well that allows you to export your current status of your wallet to send to the team so they can investigate.

Upvoty tool: The Upvoty tool is a new dashboard product that allows you to see, add, and view what the devs are working on. It gives you a live roadmap on what is being worked on, is done, and will be worked on. You can also post feedback about features you want to add as well.

Governance Forum

Our governance forum is absolutely booming!

Here are some recent important posts, ICYMI...

Update: Wen $DOGGO?
gm doggos. The Tally Ho community is excited to give you a sneak preview of our governance token. We’ve started calling it… $DOGGO 🐶 The upcoming launch has many moving pieces. So we’re sharing some early details to give our community a preview of how everything fits together. This post is light…
Governance, Delegates & delegation 101
Introduction In this earlier post we proposed a Tally Ho DAO organizational structure that also describes the different types of proposals that will be put up for voting. In this follow up post we’ll be going into more details on how the on-chain Governance of the Tally Ho DAO is actually structured…
Tally Pawdnership Pack
Introduction A key aspect for a wallet is acceptance, where can you use the wallet. We need to make sure Tally is accepted on as many dApps as possible, starting with the most used projects out there. And for a community-owned wallet, who can better ensure this job gets done than the community itse…

In other DAO news, Boardroom will be the main platform to interact Tally DAO proposals. However, there are multiple ways to interact with proposals, directly and indirectly. You can delegate the voting power of your address to yourself or to other people. The delegate application will be ending in the coming week, and Kris will make an announcement. Apply below! It's now or never. ✨

Tally Ho! Delegate Applications
Welcome to Tally Ho’s call for delegates! Before nominating yourself, check out the info below. It’ll help you prepare the strongest application. If you have questions, let us know in the Tally Ho Discord! Who are delegates? Delegates are community members who strongly align with Tally Ho’s miss…

For any DAO q's, come to Discord, and make sure you're in the #dao-design channel. These next few weeks are crucial for our DAO development, and we want all the doggos on board.