Our Approach to Product Analytics

If you’re familiar with Tally Ho and our pledge to #DefendWeb3, you know how important transparency and the well-being of our community are to us. That’s why we’re sharing this first step in our journey to become more data-driven—and how we’re doing it ethically.

Since we first launched Tally Ho in 2021, we have never logged product usage data. This approach has maximized default user privacy, but it’s also made it difficult to understand how people are using our wallet and to improve our product based on our community’s needs.

This week, we’re turning on product analytics for the first time.

This update will help us improve our user experience dramatically. It also puts in place safeguards that ensure everyone who uses our wallet is informed and empowered when it comes to their personal data:

  • Clear notice - Every Tally Ho user will get an in-wallet notification when product analytics are enabled. No one should be surprised when it comes to their privacy.
  • Clear user opt-out - If you you’d prefer not to provide product analytics data, you can opt out and delete your history at any time from the Settings menu. Consent is key.
  • A transparent privacy policy - We outline the data we collect in plain English in our updated privacy policy. Read the full privacy policy here.
  • Intentionally limited data intake - We collect limited usage data on our website and through our browser extension.
  • 👉 Examples of data we collect: The pages people visit on our website and the features people use inside our browser extension and when interacting with dApps.
  • 👉 Examples of data we do NOT collect: Tally Ho does NOT intentionally collect or store identification data such as first name, last name, home address, passport, driver’s license, or date of birth. We also do NOT collect or store blockchain activity or account information, such as addresses, transactions, or balances.
  • IP address is never linked to wallet activity - And we never sell your data to third parties.
  • Technical measures to protect your privacy - We use open-source analytics tooling, self-host our product analytics, and automatically route RPC requests from your wallet to a round robin of different infrastructure providers—so no one provider receives the full picture of your on-chain life.

What’s next?

This week’s update is the first step in a larger journey. Over the coming months, you can expect us to take additional steps to further enhance our privacy practices, such as adding custom RPC support (so you can choose which infrastructure providers you connect with), adding proxies for an additional layer of protection, and rolling out some larger updates that we can’t wait to share with you.

Want to learn more about data privacy?

If you’d like to take proactive measures to protect your privacy, we strongly encourage that! Stay informed about your data footprint, don’t be afraid to ask hard questions of your favorite projects (including us), and explore tools and techniques to further enhance your privacy. If you’re new to this, here are a few steps you can explore:

  • Using a VPN (Mozilla VPN is a great choice)
  • Installing open source privacy extensions like Privacy Badger
  • Updating your browser settings to block cookies and enable HTTPS-only mode
  • Using advertising opt-out tools from Google and others

Reach out

If you have questions or ideas for how we can continue to improve, we’d love to hear them. Catch us on the Tally Ho Discord anytime.